Web Marketing

  • Email Campaigns
  • Forms
  • Photographs and Videos
  • Photo Editing
  • Events
  • File Management and Sharing


From developing emails to send to your customer base to finding the right photos for your website, web marketing can require a lot of time and money. The following services are simple to use and can help you grow your business without having the knowledge of a web designer or a marketing expert.

Email Campaigns

MailChimp - manage contacts, design emails and track results


Wufoo - quickly create forms to gather data and visualize data in real-time

Photographs and Videos

Royalty-Free Subscriptions: Dreamstime, iStock Photo and Shutterstock
PhotoShop Request - ask for a custom graphic from Photoshop gurus in training for free
Animoto - create promotional videos using your own clips, pictures and music
Wistia - host videos and track analytics
Prezi - make unique and professional presentations

Photo Editing

Google photos - edit, organize and allow for shared albums for free
Adobe Photoshop Elements - for advanced users with greater editing needs
Phonto or Snapseed - edit and add graphics and text to photographs for print and social media on your smart phone
Snagit - take screenshots and add effects, as well as indicate issues and illustrate concepts beyond verbal explanation
Befunky -produce stunning photographs and captivating designs with fun, easy-to-use editing tools


EventBrite - create your own events and sell tickets online
Quick Response (QR) Codes - create graphic codes to place on your marketing promotions that will lead to your web page when scanned

File Management and Sharing

Google Documents - create, share and edit documents online
DropSend - send large files instantly
InstaPaper - save web pages to read/share later

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